Kaifeng Zhao

PhD student
CAB G85.1

Basic Information

I am a PhD student at ETH Zurich supervised by Prof. Siyu Tang since June 2022. I am also co-advised by Prof. Marc Pollefeys. I am funded by the Swiss Data Science Center PhD fellowship. Previously, I obtained my Master's degree in Computer Science at ETH.

My research lies at the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics, with a current focus on synthesizing human-scene interaction behaviors.


Authors:Kaifeng ZhaoYan Zhang,  Shaofei WangThabo BeelerSiyu Tang

Interaction with environments is one core ability of virtual humans and remains a challenging problem. We propose a method capable of generating a sequence of natural interaction events in real cluttered scenes.

Authors:Kaifeng Zhao,  Shaofei Wang,  Yan Zhang,  Thabo Beeler,  Siyu Tang

Synthesizing natural interactions between virtual humans and their 3D environments is critical for numerous applications, such as computer games and AR/VR experiences. We propose COINS, for COmpositional INteraction Synthesis with Semantic Control.