Korrawe Karunratanakul

PhD student
CAB G 89

Basic Information


Authors:Korrawe KarunratanakulKonpat PreechakulSupasorn SuwajanakornSiyu Tang

Guided Motion Diffusion (GMD) model can synthesize realistic human motion according to a text prompt, a reference trajectory, and key locations, as well as avoiding hitting your toe on giant X-mark circles that someone dropped on the floor. No need to retrain diffusion models for each of these tasks!

Authors:Korrawe KarunratanakulSergey ProkudinOtmar HilligesSiyu Tang

We present HARP (HAnd Reconstruction and Personalization), a personalized hand avatar creation approach that takes a short monocular RGB video of a human hand as input and reconstructs a faithful hand avatar exhibiting a high-fidelity appearance and geometry.

Authors:Korrawe KarunratanakulAdrian SpurrZicong FanOtmar HilligesSiyu Tang

We present HALO, a neural occupancy representation for articulated hands that produce implicit hand surfaces from input skeletons in a differentiable manner.

Authors:Korrawe Karunratanakul, Jinlong Yang, Yan Zhang, Michael Black, Krikamol Muandet, Siyu Tang

Capturing and synthesizing hand-​object interaction is essential for understanding human behaviours, and is key to a number of applications including VR/AR, robotics and human-​computer interaction.