Gen Li

PhD student
CAB G82.1
+41 44 632 06 38

Basic Information

I am a direct doctorate student at Computer Vision and Learning Group (VLG), ETH Zürich, supervised by Professor Siyu Tang. Before this, I received my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at Tsinghua University (2020).


Authors:Gen LiKaifeng ZhaoSiwei ZhangXiaozhong LyuMihai DusmanuYan ZhangMarc PollefeysSiyu Tang

EgoGen is new synthetic data generator that can produce accurate and rich ground-truth training data for egocentric perception tasks.

Authors:Wenbo WangGen LiMiguel Zamora, and Stelian Coros

Precise reconstruction and manipulation of the crumpled cloths is challenging due to the high dimensionality of cloth models, as well as the limited observation at self-occluded regions. We leverage the recent progress in the field of single-view human reconstruction to template-based reconstruct crumpled cloths from their top-view depth observations only, with our proposed sim-real registration protocols. Our reconstruction mesh explicitly describes the positions and visibilities of the entire cloth mesh vertices, enabling more efficient dual-arm and single-arm target-oriented manipulations.

Authors:Xi Wang*Gen Li*Yen-Ling KuoMuhammed KocabasEmre Aksan, and Otmar Hilliges
(* denotes equal contribution)

We present a method for inferring diverse 3D models of human-object interactions from images. We propose an action-conditioned modeling of interactions that allows us to infer diverse 3D arrangements of humans and objects without supervision on contact regions or 3D scene geometry. Our method extracts highlevel commonsense knowledge from large language models (such as GPT-3), and applies them to perform 3D reasoning of human-object interactions.

Authors:Mengyuan YanGen LiYilin Zhu, and Jeannette Bohg

We propose a hierarchical approach in which the top layer produces a topological plan and the bottom layer translates this plan into continuous robot motion.