From June 2022, VLG becomes a part of the Surgical Proficiency team, an Innosuisse flagship project aiming at advancing the simulator-based training of surgeons.

The interdisciplinary project is a multi-part collaboration with Balgrist University Hospital, Kantonsspital St.Gallen, VirtaMed, Microsoft Zürich and others. Bringing together expertise in clinical research, computer vision, augmented reality and simulation technologies, we want to change the way surgical training and evaluation are performed in open and minimally invasive surgery.

As part of the team, VLG researchers will focus on the tasks of 3D capture and photorealistic reconstruction of dynamic operating room scenes, allowing free-viewpoint replay and analysis of the recorded surgical sessions, with the final goal of virtual surgery participation. The task presents an excellent mission-critical testbed for the recent novel view synthesis and reconstruction methods.

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Team member: Sergey Prokudin (project lead), Marko Mihajlovic
Collaboration: Balgrist University Hospital, Kantonsspital St.Gallen, VirtaMed, Microsoft Zürich, OramaVR, University of Zürich