We are excited to share that our new generative human motion model GAMMA, created by Yan Zhang and Siyu Tang at CVPR’22, has gained life in the exhibition Motion, Autos, Art, Architecture at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao curated by Norman Foster Foundation! 

Together with Gramazio Kohler Research, we developed a visionary project in which an entirely pedestrianized city is populated with many autonomous virtual humans who possess diverse body shapes and move perpetually in an automatic, scalable, and controllable manner. Successfully inhabiting this six-​hundred-meter-high vertical city is a paradigm shift in creating autonomous virtual humans.

Additional links:
Flight Assembled City
Human motion model (GAMMA@CVPR22)
Human body model SMPL-​X


Computer Vision and Learning Group, ETH Zurich
Team member: Yan Zhang (project lead), Jonathan Lehner
Collaboration: Sarah Schneider and Romana Rust from Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zurich
Sponsor: SNF grant 200021_204840