HALO (oral), Digit (oral) and 4DCapture are accepted to 3DV 2021!

A Skeleton-​Driven Neural Occupancy Representation for Articulated Hands (Oral)

Korrawe Karunratanakul, Adrian Spurr, Zicong Fan, Otmar Hilliges, Siyu Tang

Learning to Disambiguate Strongly Interacting Hands via Probabilistic Per-​pixel Part Segmentation (Oral)

Zicong Fan, Adrian Spurr, Muhammed Kocabas, Siyu Tang, Michael J. Black, Otmar Hilliges

4D Human Body Capture from Egocentric Video via 3D Scene Grounding

Miao Liu, Dexin Yang, Yan Zhang, Zhaopeng Cui, James M. Rehg, Siyu Tang